Le banquier

Andrew and I met spontaneously on the street while I was looking for cyclists to photograph. He enthusiastically accepted to participate in this project. He bought an unused bicycle in 2005. It is around that time that he started commuting to and from his office. Working as a private banker and having little free time, he uses his bicycle to exercise. “It’s also the fastest way for me to move around the city, especially compared to using a car or the bus/tram. I especially enjoy riding in the morning, mainly because of the fresh air and the tranquility of the streets. I do not ride on main streets; I prefer the cycle lanes on the secondary arteries.” Andrew takes around 40 minutes everyday to get to and from work, which is what the WHO recommends as the minimal time of exercise to stay in good health (source: http://www.who.int/dietphysicalactivity/factsheet_adults/en/). When asked whether cycling is an accessible mode of transport, Andrew replies by saying that it is, even though it might be less so for very young or very old people. Lastly, having experienced cycling in London, he believes that cycling in Geneva is rather easy. Moreover, it decreases traffic congestion, which is a good thing.


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